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The Tareen (Pashto) is a prominent sarbanri Pashtun tribe residing in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. They are one of the largest Pashtun tribes. Sardar Zafar Iqbal Khan Tareen is Sardar of Tareen Tribe at southeren Punjab,  belongs to a very respestable and educated family of District Rahimyarkhan, Division Bahawalpur, Punjab Province, Pakistan. The ancestors of the Sardar Zafar Iqbal Khan Tareen came to Multan in the 17th Century under the leadership of their leader Sardar Sher Khan Tareen during the time of conquest of India by king Ahmad Shah Abdali. Sardar Zafar khan Tareen is also unanimously tribal Sardar of other cast of Pakhtoons who are more than 100,000 (one hundred thousands) people in numbers. people of different casts of Pakhtoon are with  Mr Tareen under the umbrella of Pathans ittehad Welfare Association.  Tareens have big history fighting against the Sikh and British rule. People like Sardar Muhammad Khan Tareen and Sardar Bostan Khan Tareen showed a great bravery. The Tareen played a key role in Sultan Mahmood Ghoris' army.
The famous khaels and subsections of Tareen tribe are: 
Toor, Spin, Bor or Abdaali. Zharh.
The founder of the Durrni dyneasty, Ahmad Shah Abdali originated from the Aabdali Tareen tribe but change the name later to Durrani .The current president of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai is popalzai from Kandhar. The Sadduzai are a lineage of popaolzai clan of the Abdali sub tribe of the Tareen. Most of the noteable Afgan kings and rulers belong to Sadduzai and Barakzai clans originated from Tareen tribe. The two main divisions, Zirak and the Punjpai are noteable from the clan of Tareen tribe.
The origion of all the Tareens tribe are from Tareen Kowt in the oruzgan Province of Afghasnistan and Pasheen near Quetta in Pakistan's Balouchistan Province. Some families migerated to Hari Pur in Hazara Division in Khyber Pakhtun Khwa Privince of Pakisan(then British India). Tareens have a sizeable presence in Multan as well as Rahimyarkhan and Bahawalpur since Ahmad Shah Abdalis time (1723-1773). King Zahir Shah of Afghanistan, Tippu Sultan, Sardar Daoud Khan,  Justice Muhammad Asif Khan, Sardar Muhammad Sadiq Khan,Jahangir Khan Tareen, Field Martial Ayub Khan are the noteable personalities of Tareen tribe.
Sardar Zafar Iqbal Khan Tareen's grand father namely Sardar Muhammad Nawaz Khan Tareen came to Bahawalpur at the time of Bahawal Khan-II,1802 and prefer to settle there.The father of Mr Tareen namely Sardar Muhammad Sadiq Khan Tareen was renowned footballer and  known as wall of china who lately join the Police services upon the request of I G police of state. Tareen has five brothers, the elder brother namely Justice Sardar Muhammad Asif Khan Tareen was a renowned Advocate and who lately became a Judge of Anti Terrorism Court, Bahawalpur Division,Multan Divison and Dera Ghazi Khan Divison, Punjab Province admissible to the status of Judge of High Court.  Dr.Muhammad Iqbal Khan Adil is graduated from Nishter Medical College, Multan who after passing the degree of M.B.B.S flew to United Kingdom and  there he passed the F.R.C.S exam (Fellow of Royal College of Surgeons) and now a days he is working as consultant surgeon in U.K. Muhammad Anjum Khan Tareen is a bachelor degree holder from Clark University of United States of America. Sardar Shahid Anjum Khan Tareen is graduated from U.E.T, Lahore Pakistan who is a mechnical engineer and he also got many degrees from Canada in engineering and now a days working in Aramco, Oil and Gas Company of Saudi Arabia. Justice Sardar Muhammad Asif Khan Tareen had two sons namely Muhammad Kashif Khan Tareen who is a B.S.C Civil Engineer graduated from U.E.T, Lahore Pakistan, now a day he is residing in  Australia    and the second son namely Muhammad Sheraz Khan Sadiq is M.B.B.S Doctor.Mr Tareen has one son namely Muhammad Sadiq Zafar Tareen. 
Sardar Zafar Iqbal Khan Tareen is a law graduate from Punjab University Law College Lahore, Pakistan and also got master degree in political Science from the same University. Mr.Tareen has remained Vice President of Lahore High Court Bar Assocaition, Bench at Bahawalpur in the year 2004-2005 and 2008-2009 Mr.Tareen became President of District Bar Association, Rahimyarkhan, Punjab and won the Election and defeated to his opponent with heavy majority of votes. Mr.Tareen played a key role during the moment of lawyers Tehreek for the restoration of the democracy and independence of judiciary in the year 2007 to 2009 and due to his great secrifices he became member National Co-ordination Council headed by Mr.Aitzaz Ehsan, President Supreme Court Bar Association of Pakistan, Mr.Tareen has also remained a member Adlia Baahali Committee of Pakistan and during the lawyers moment he resigned from the seat of member Sencor Board of Film Sencors, which was apprecaited throughout the country. Mr.Tareen has remained Cheif legal advisor of the District Government, Rahimyrkhan, Pakistan. Sardar Zafar khan Tareen  is a vice president punjab of Pakistan Muslim League Functional .He stepped aside in the  politics as vice president punjab,Pakistan Muslim League Functional when he was offered to join  by Provincial President, Member Provincial Assembly, Makhdum Syed Ahmad Mahmud on 6th MAY ,2011 at his residence in huge press conference.
Sardar Zafar  Khan Tareen is also a Chairmen/President of Pathans Welfare Association, Pakistan. Pathan Welfare Association has more than 100,000, (0ne lack) members. Pathans Welfare Association help to the downtrodden people and always remain eager to help out the poor Pathans. This N.G.O is also helping to the poor families who don't have money for their daughters to marry them, to sick people, people who don't have money for funeral ceremony or burried the dead bodies. Pathans Welfare Association has more than 50 offices in all around the country, Presidents of the Districts, Tehsils presidents and members of the Pakhtun Welfare association of big villages have been helping to the  poor people belong to all walk of life . During the time of Sawat effectees peoples Mr.Tareen and members of the Pathan Welare Association donated Rs.4,50,000/- Pak to the Government of Pakistan and handed over the money to the D.C.O, Rahimyarkhan Mr Dr.Javed Ahmad Qazi and Rs.3,00,000/-  Pak were donated to the efectees of fire of the Landa Bazar of Sadiqabad and tried to stand them on their feet who are earning livelihood for their children now a days.  Tareen khan says that all the pathans are requested to be more patriotic and loyal to the Great Pakistan and eliminate the enemies of our great country.Sardar Zafar Khan Tareen is helping to the downtrodden people  and fighiting for justice and restoration the true spirit of  democracy in the country as vice President punjab, Pakistan Muslim League Functional.  Pakistan Zinda Bad .Love for all, Hate for none.
                           Sardar Zafar Khan Tareen